The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan – favourite quotes pp1-150

19 Feb

Great quotes from the sequel to the Demon’s Lexicon

“Any minute now,” Rachel said, “something terrible is going to happen to us.”
“Come on, this is an adventure.”
Rachel muttered behind her, “I’m, pretty sure that’s what I just said.”p1

…Rachel was shivering. “I think this may be the worst situation you have ever been in.”
“Don’t be an idiot,” said Mae. “I’ve been in much worse situations than this.” p2

“You’re not funny,’ he snapped. “You’re just pathetic.”
Jamie kept grinning.”I like to think I’m maybe a little of both.’ p7

The alley looked forlorn, the walls dirty and the dented, lopsided bins leaning against one another like drunks.p6

Mae was almost stumbling in her hurry through the night, so intent on her search that she put her foot into a slimy puddle. The plastic bag half-sunk in the dirty water clung to her laces as if it was a drowning swimmer. She shook her foot until it slipped off and into its watery, oily grave.”p5

p7 That was when she felt the warm hand at the back of her neck. It was a light clasp, as if a friend or a boyfriend were passing by and wished to alert her to their presence, fingers tracing over the delicate skin. The talisman she wore tucked in her corset flared into life, pain bursting like a small star against hr skin. she found she could not move, not even to shiver. She was held frozen in place, like a butterfly gently caught between two fingers and then abruptly transfixed by the cruel steel point of a pin.

“Alan’s brother followed him, always walking one step behind or one step in front, either guarding him or watching his back. Mae didn’t think it would ever have occurred to Nick to walk alongside anyone: He would’ve thought being beside someone for company was pointless. p19

She wasn’t expecting a hug from Nick. She didn’t even get a hello….
“What, don’t you talk any more?” snapped Mae, and wanted to bite her tongue out.
“I talk,” said Nick, his mouth curving slightly.”And I see you still pester people.”
He had a deep voice that reminded Mae of a fire; a low dangerous sound that crackled occasionally and made you jump. Listening to Nick talk was like seeing Alan walk. It was always obvious there was something wrong.
“It is one of my favourite activities,” said Mae, and went to get Alan some juice.p21

She tore her gaze away from Nick, dark and silent at the window, to the friendly face of the guy who’d raised a demon and set him loose on the world. p31

“You okay?” he asked, and then looked mildly embarrassed.” I mean, is there anything I can do about you obviously not being okay?”
“Not really,” Mae told him honestly.
“Would it help if I stood around uselessly, not knowing what to say?”
“Yeah, actually,” Mae said after a second’s thought.” Would you mind?”
“Not at all,” Seb said, and the smile flashed out again. “You want useless, you have come to the right guy. I can be useless for hours at a time. Weeks even. I’m currently closing in on a month of being totally useless, which is by way of being a personal best.” p34

“And does he love you enough to share power with you?” Jessica asked. ‘He could, if he were a magician and you were a messenger. If he wore a sigil and you wore a token, you could have all the power you wanted.” p42

“I didn’t really get the chance to say hi before you paralysed me last time,” said Mae loudly to show she wasn’t afraid. p50

“That’s sweet,” Nick said. “The fact that you’ve put a spell on Jamie makes it not terribly convincing, but apart from that small detail, I found it a really touching speech. p56

“Thanks Laura,” he said unsteadily. “I always wondered what a tiny heart attack would feel like, and now I know. Very refreshing!” p56

She smiled as if his reaction was perfectly normal. “Sometimes when you pull knives on people, they get the impression that you’re going to hurt them, and then they’re completely terrified. Crazy, I know!” p60

“Well, speaking as a feminist, I’m glad that women can lead – uh, groups of unspeakable magical evil.”
“Yes” Alan said gravely. “It’d be shocking if the evil magicians were sexist. For one thing, that would mean they were stupid, and having stupid enemies would be a blow to my manly pride.” p62

“Think of magic as like electricity,” said Alan. “Nick’s power is like lightning in the sky. It’s powerful, it can strike the ground and burn everything it touches, but you couldn’t use it to turn on a light or iron a shirt. The magicians are conduits. Through them, the magic can be transformed into something smaller, but often a lot more useful.” p64

“I’m not scared of being hurt,” Alan said quietly. “I’m scared of what he’ll do. He could tear himself apart or tear the world apart, and next to those two choices what happens to me doesn’t matter at all.” p66

“Is it the wrong time, or is it that it’s me asking?” p68

Any guy who woke Mae for the sunrise was going to end up seeing stars, because he would have forced her to punch him in the face. p73

“Uh,” Mae said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but were you abducted and brainwashed by aliens in the night?”
“Did you show up at this time of the morning just to say, ‘Hi Mae, your house is a death trap, want to take a walk?” p74

…”So tell me, what magic does this knife do?”…
“It cuts things.’
Mae blinked. “Amazing,” she told him. ‘Next could you display your great magic by creating a wheel that goes round and round?” p76

“I have power,” he said softly. “I don’t have control.” p77

“He grew up with me and Mum, and he never learned to be like the other humans. He just learned to lie to them.” p79

“Why do you want it to be a secret?”
“Because I want to lie to him and I can’t!’ Nick shouted. “because it’s all going wrong and he keeps looking at me. He’s afraid of what I’ll do, and he’s sorry he ever freed me.”
So something had gone wrong between Nick and his brother, then. Something had gone badly wrong.” p79

“If you can make Alan happy,” he promised, “I’ll give you anything you want.” p80

…”Because humans say idiot things all the time, and we’re allowed to take them back, and that way everyone mostly forgives everyone else and civilization isn’t destroyed,” Mae said. “Because the worst thing you can possibly do is seem like you don’t care.” p81

“I’m not human,” said Nick. “I never was, and I never will be. We don’t work the same way you do, we don’t feel or think the same, and I don’t want to. Why should I? What’s so great about you people? You spend your whole lives in a stupid emotional mess, and then you die. You torture each other and you don’t even mean to.”…
“When I torture someone,” he said, “I mean it.”..
“That’s a shame, “Mae said at last. “I had this picture of you, you know, all dark and brooding and anguished. Longing for humanity. Listening to piano and violin music. Sometimes you’d stand on top of a tower, felling impossibly lonely. Then you’d cry a single perfect tear.”
The corner of Nick’s mouth curled up.” Can’t spell ‘demon’ without ’emo.'” p83

“They think you’re a hooligan,” Mae reported. “That woman’s probably locking up her daughters as we speak. The jumper doesn’t fool her for a minute.”
“What I really wanted to wear was a shirt with a puppy on it,” Nick drawled. “But mine’s in the wash.” p84

Mae took a deep breath. ‘It’s not some kind of tragically stupid love triangle. I’m not going to choose one guy out of two and settle down. It doesn’t have to be either of them for me, or have to be me for either of them. The world’s full of people, if you hadn’t noticed. I could ask any of a dozen guys out, and any of them could ask me out. I didn’t ask for your advice on my love life,” she added,” It’s not necessary.”…
“I’m sure you’re right,” he said, his voice a whisper that seemed to curl in the air like smoke, to find a way into her stomach and twist there, low. “I’m sure there are a dozen guys who will ask you out if McFarlane loses his chance. I just want you to know something.”
“What?’ Mae asked, whispering because he was whispering, tilting her face up because he was leaning down, and for no other reason.
…” I never will,” he said. p86

Does it always have to be about pointy weapons of death, Nick?’
“You want me to start killing people with blunt instruments?” Nick asked. “Well, okay if it makes you happy.” p89

“Leave?” Mae shouted. “Leave without my brother? You must be mad!”
Alan leaned in and said into her ear, “We should come back when they’re not expecting us. As opposed to now, when they are looking right at us and about to blast us off the bridge.” p96

“…You’re like a pizza delivered to the door for their demons.” p96

“This is the chase,” said Nick. “Cutting comes later.” p100

“I was killing long before you were born,” Nick told her, suddenly soft, as if struck by a pleasant memory. “I’ll be killing long after you’re dust.” p101

It’s probably best to change the world yourself, she’d said.
Before she died. p105

“The demon’s errand girl are you?”
“The magician’s sister,” Mae corrected….
“When you’re ready to be your own woman,” she said, ‘come find me.” p105

You expected the bad guys to be the ones doing the double-crossing.
“…They were going after my brother. When losing isn’t an option, it doesn’t matter what you have to do to win.” p107

“I didn’t mean for you to take that the wrong way.”p109

“Stop talking like a moron,” Nick drawled. “If you can.” p109

The next day was Saturday, and Mae came around to give Nick his first lesson in acting human. p111

…There was even a high, small window, filtering the sunlight in like a slow stream of honey, p112

St. Daniel of the Shelter for Women and Slightly Demonic Children. p112

Nick did not pause, but he did turn so he was circling Gerald like a predator waiting for the right moment, instead of like a predator leaping straight for his throat. p117

‘…Make yourself at home. Sorry for being such a shocking host-I can’t offer you any refreshments, and I’m probably about to stab you in the liver. What do you want?” p117

“In two worlds,’ said Alan quietly, “there is nothing I love half as much as you.” p129

It didn’t take much to make Alan happy; he was used to living on crumbs. p131

All demons were silent except one. p147

Liannan’s thoughts were insidious, like a cold draft seeping in under the door of Mae’s soul. p148

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