Borders USA Blockbusted?

13 Feb

1. Borders in the US and Blockbuster–_two.html and Kobo and and Not a real prob in Australia where Borders has different ownership
2. Advantages of facebook in education
3. Use of social media during emergencies
4. Blogging with yr 6
5. Working with Tech-Savvy Kids
6. digital media scoring guides
7. How Kindle’s new Public Notes could change the way we read ebooks – Kindle for PC updates: real page numbers and Touch for Win 7 tablets –
8. cutting library assistants
9. the ethical researcher
10. great recipe and checklist for getting started blogging
11. Thinking guides & templates
12. Designing Effective Projects-Teaching Metacognition:
13. Digital footprint
14. Writing in the digital age
15. yaymath
16. drop in and download overdrive
17. Classroom-Tested Tech Tools Used to Boost Literacy
18. 39 Copyright Friendly Portals from
19. Oedipus … Starring Vegetables. “two years to make with a volunteer staff of 100”
20. librain
21. E-books’ varied formats make citations a mess for scholars
22. A Children’s Lit libguide
23. new Research Tools Guide is coming along
24. PaperRater
25. Free library posters
26. 50 Places to Find Free Books Online
27. Beg, Borrow, But Please Don’t Steal: How to Share E-Books at School: Getting the books you buy onto as many read…
28. 20 ways to use Edmodo every day webinar. Here is the video archive:
29. best teen reading of 2011 with YALSA’s Best of the Best
30. Persuasive techniques

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