Own your own space

06 Feb

1. Own Your Space” is a Creative Commons eBook that can be downloaded (pdf),aimed at tweens and teens and covers things they really need to know besides predator protection and cyberbullying. Chapters include: malware, hackers, identity theft, spam, phishing, safe online shopping, browsers and more, download the whole book or individual chapters
2. persuasive and debating websites
3. Treasures of Heaven: This website based on the NEH-funded exhibit, explores the history of Christian saints and their relics through a variety of different digital tools and programs
4. Study Finds Social-Skills Teaching Boosts Academics
5. How-to create an e-portfolio using Google Sites
6. LiveText is an online portfolio that requires a subscription It is easy to use and can hold mulit-media files. When uploading a video, convert it to a WMV file first
7. school library reports
8. a lot of fun. Cool! Movie: “Do You Want to Be a Librarian?” (1946)
9. Global: Historic Weather Conditions & Real Time Weather Conditions (Interactive Map) The real time map is very cool!
10. The Google Art Project: Super High-Resolution Images, Virtual Tours, and More
11. International Women’s Day event Brisbane
12. and click on the “Search” tab at the top for book trailers.
13. web 2.0 example instructions for developing a Google Site ePortfolio. Pretty simple, WYSIWYG editing LiveBinder for Web2.0 tools:

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