29 Jan

1. Research shows that “paying attention” to more than one thing at a time results in a ‘”mental brownout” — decreased brain power allocated to either of the two things than the brain power available when focusing on a single task or topic.
2. green computing
3. wikiversity
4. Mrs Mac’s library site has been shifted
5. A.B.S. – SCHOOLS, AUSTRALIA, 2010 annual publication. Release contains statistics for students, schools and staff as at the schools census date 6 August 2010.
6. Philip Pullman – Leave our libraries alone
7. Linking school libraries and literacy
8. Ask Shakespeare Day Feb 2 2011
9. Texting good for spelling
10. Giggle IT has persuasive component
11. Deep learning
12. Evaluating websites and and and 2 1/2 minute CommonCraft video on web explains what goes on behind the scenes of a web search do a Google search for someone like Martin Luther King. Explain how to interpret the results: look for About page on each the word Bias with a definition for this lesson because several of the sites are biased — These sites always show up in the first page of Google results and and – good site,
13. Readers’ Advisory Service
14. LOTE

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