It’s a game

23 Jan

1. presentation about Creating Game-like engagement for learning.
2. Watch this interesting video about how children learn through doing online research. Make sure you watch the end for the most interesting part for
3. Lyn Hay School library programming
4. Guided inquiry
5. Habits influence information literacy
6. Student perceptions of the impact of online discussion forum participation on learning outcomes
7. Brook Forest librarian (ME) brings down walls w/ technology: Edmodo reading promotion and sharing
8. 26 Sentence Starters for the theme of “Decisions” Sentence starters for English
9. Website evaluation guide for students: Radcab
10. Best Online File Conversion Tools To Convert Documents, Audio, Video, Zipped Archives –
11. A Teacher’s Field Guide to Parents
12. History for Kids- collection of links, resources, games, bks, & topics to teach history-all in 1 place
13. A really nice group of graphic organizers.
14. templates for 21st CenturySkills-LIteracies-Empowered Learners-
15. using CC images.
16. Dr Sara Lazar has long been researching meditation. New study sheds light on brain changes!
17. presentation about Creating Game-like engagement for learning.
18. Brickify: Turn Any Image Into A Lego Statue!
19. Need To Want Less – visual modern philosophy

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