22 Jan

1. How to smackdown example and
2. Kindle and compatibility with libraries
3. Creative thinking and Bloom Kelly Tenkely
4. Review: Library E-Books Easier, But Still Hassle
5. E-book readers and access to information.
6. The Rise And Fall Of Yahoo: The Infographic
7. Video tutorials
8. Alternatives to wordle
9. Exemplary library programs and collaboration response and
10. Social media statistics
11. Example of a paperless geography Final Exam
12. iPad – a game changer for learning?
13. Gr8 Wiki resource. Expand your Google use beyond search & gmail: great glog
14. Queensland and Brisbane schools-information guide for dealing with flood damaged library:
15. HS Media Center FaceBook page: and our Media Services page:
16. Teen Novels about Death & Friendship” by Andrea Lipinski, Kingsbridge Library
17. Reading: Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying, Researchers Say –
18. How Evernote helped Me Through College – Education Series « Evernote Blogcast:
19. Using storytelling for effective library leadership
20. Blog Booker: A Great Way to Archive Student Work
21. Library program
22. Overdrive how to pdf
23. Make your Classroom a Welcoming Place
24. Internet Detective
25. Clicking with Caution – Full Length video with key issues for teachers to discuss with kids
26. Google search by reading level

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