Cashed up

06 Jan

1. Goldman Sachs Gives Mark Zuckerberg 450 Million Reasons
2. using evernote in class
3. Licorize – Organize Bookmark Collection
4. overdrive cheat sheet
5. Digital Storytelling and visualization “Research: How to Tell Stories with Data?”
6. January 5 Kindle Program Update: Form Modifications, Cataloging, Tech Issues:
7. Media 21.
8. eBook Exchange tries to promote lending –
9. web 2.0 tools
10. Enter the age of the petabyte, exabyte and zettabyte: and lot of data! How are we teaching kids to sort through it all?
11. According to USAToday, “About 3 million to 5 million e-readers were activated last week.
12. Reading: The Three C’s of Social Networking: Consumption, Curation, Creation
13. Library planning Mira Costa High library status report for Oct-Dec
14. Wolfram|Alpha: The computational search engine has much to offer libraries
15. Updating & Upgrading Our School’s Media & Publishing Release
16. No good reason to buy an iPad now. Check out this tricked out ePad, made in China, running Android, AU$250!
17. New post: iPad Fever and 1 to 1 Learning Lessons from the Experts
18. Information literacy
19. A comparison of SweetSearch’s results to Blekko’s
20. Question Everything! & Teach Less. Learn More.
21. How To Get Google Books On Any E-Reader
22. Google Around seems like an awesome anti-plagiarism tool!
23. Tag Galaxy is way to explore word relationships think spelling, vocabulary, story prompt
24. 6 roles to empower learners? Here are ex.from my classroom
25. Persuasive texts live binder

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