The Happiness Project

02 Jan

1. Happiness
2. Write rhymes.
3. 12 Useful Image Search Tools
4. 60-second recap: classic novels in 60 secs: nice revision/intro tool
5. All the details on Amazon’s book lending program – a “how to” –
6. Secret Google Tips for Researchers:
7. “I’m through. wht do I do?” |The Teaching Palette
9. Information about the 2011 NAPLAN writing test is available at , and
10. 2010
11. “Battling the ‘Bad Teacher’ Bogeyman” by Anthony Cody
12. Favorite Blogs
13. our time is now
14. mom this is how twitter works
15. list of skills for pre-service and all school librarians
16. Texting teenagers are proving ‘more literate than ever before’ – Times Online
17. “My Blackberry is not working.” Funny video starring Ronnie Corbett
18. 2010 Summary: libraries are still screwed, by Eric Hellman –

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