Don’t Text While Driving

28 Dec

1. Don’t Text While Driving documentary
2. Scrabble flash game
3. Poem grammar
4. Web2Guru: Online tools by subject and The 101 Most Useful Websites for solving common problems & efficiently completing tasks
5. 2010 in review & plans 4 2011.
6. Reading great series
7. Doodling in Math: Sick Math Games
8. Grimm’s Rapunzel ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book –
9. 130 Tools in 160 Minutes – Library Stuff
10. chemistry
11. Moodle Tutorials – Educating Educators
12. English grammar Create your own Madlibs w/ the Madlibber
13. How to Search Just the Site You’re Viewing Using Google Search – How-To Geek
14. Playing around with Qwik
15. Most Anticipated Books 2011 Teaser edition
16. Tons Of Places To Find Creative Commons Media:
17. How to Use Glogster in the Classroom
18. “Correct Me If I’m Wrong” media errors
19. WorldMapper – resizes maps of the globe to reflect each country’s income, population, fuel consumption etc
20. Fraction Lesson: teach your class fractions with Math Man
21. The bilingual brain being fluent in two languages, from early childhood, enhances a person’s ability to concentrate
22. 11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try this year
23. Library Stuff: 130 Tools in 160 Minutes
24. Disease Outbreaks At Your Fingertips great for Health and Human Development class
25. The Ultimate Guide To Moving Your Delicious Bookmarks –
26. Quickstart guides
27. “All My “The Best Of 2010 Lists In One Place
28. apps that are stealing your private information.
29. Search Creative Commons images, size them and get embed code including citation
30. Free Tools and Resources from Intel Education
31. graphic–traditional vs. online reading — The New Readers
32. “Learning from Finland”
33. 100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials :
34. Dropmocks easiest Way Ever to Share Images
35. Writing exercises

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