26 Dec

1. Library wiki
2. Reading blogs for YA
3. Check out Scholastic’s new website, You Are What You Read, and create your own bookprint– a list of 5 books that…
4. Being Present
5. Free Technology for Teachers: 7 Visually Appealing Ways to Publish Documents Online
6. Use of Web 2.0 in Australian Schools Karen Bonnano
7. New hacked site notifications in search results once the problem has been fixed, the warning label will be automatically removed
8. 29 Books of the Year lists for all ages from
9. FREE Photo Sites
10. Learning
11. Action Steps
12. Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling Grade 3 math example #SocraticMethod
13. Scholastic’s Study Jams to my nonfiction film pathfinder
14. Create a Personal Board of Directors – Management Tip of the Day
15. Using SocialBookmarking w/ ur Students- Part I Part II
16. Google’s Ngram viewer (a kinda English books concordance
17. It’s not about the tools, it’s about the skills- Social bookmarking-
18. Uploaded visual for 21st Century skills and Social Bookmarking-
19. great site for primary bks
20. The Teen Librarian Monthly Newsletter is BACK baby! Grab it here
21. New way to go to school at Orem High Screencasting
22. The Innovative Educator’s Advice for Managing Your Digital Footprint.
23. The 101 Useful Websites on the Internet
24. 11 Ed Tech Things I Got Excited About in 2010
25. “Why I Don’t Want an iPad for Christmas” Wall St Jrnl
26. “20 Things That Became ObsoleteThis Decade”
27. Blocking and bandwidth It’s Time To Trust Teachers with the Internet
28. Does our culture promote stealing?
29. Why our top students don’t want to teach.
30. Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales Internet project.
31. 2011 predictions from
32. ebook on how to get free content for the Kindle –
33. For those people who find it more convenient to bother u with their ? rather than google it for themselves
34. 15 Books to Read Before They Come to the Big Screen
35. Library Collection Development = Licensing Google ebookstore rep hints at timetable for Australia –

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