Roll out the red carpet – Eddies 2010

16 Dec

1. Winners edublogs awards
2. Inanimate Alice digital storytelling
3. The Future of Reading and Writing is Collaborative
4. Top youtube videos 2010 50 top YouTube videos (compiled by Time in 2010 to celebrate 5 years of YouTube),29569,1974961,00.html
5. Nerdfighter, John Green – Funny – author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines etc
6. Project Based Learning: Explained. and Project based learning
7. Using Google Earth To Study Climate Change:
8. “Digital Literacy across the Curriculum”
9. How to Use QR Codes in Student Projects – SimpleK12 face recognition
10. Book review for real audiences
11. PISA and
12. Bronte sisters action figures
13. cyber safety & social networking and NSWDET’s 6 key domains for 7-10 Digital Citizenship program
14. Melissa Techman blog esp
15. Power of validation
16. Random name picker
17. Hamlet
18. Collaboration with The Unquiet Library: Criminal Justice Teacher Jason Hubbard Reflects On and Participatory Librarianship in Action: Andy Plemmons, Barrow Elementary Media Center
19. Buffy Hamilton – Digital Portfolios, Multigenre Elements, and More
20. So you wanna be a writer?
21. using Evernote to document learning:
22. Project PLN ebooks for teachers
23. David Pogue “The trouble with e-readers”
24. Amazing, created entirely in Google Docs
25. The $2 IWB
26. How to learn? From mistakes
27. 20 places to download free e-books
28. YouTube Transforms Its Homepage into a Giant Newsfeed
29. collaborative writing?
30. blogging rubric resources

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