“The internet of things will likely have a greater impact on humanity than social media”

14 Dec

1. The internet of things
2. Reflection on Storytelling unit- Covered: Storybird, podcasts, writing, G Docs, reflection & more.
3. Voice Threads for Math Journals
4. Learning tools directory!
5. QR codes
6. Google for parents
7. Free tools 4 teachers
8. Ebooks
9. State of the blogosphere 2010
10. The last country house party? Ebooks and publishing’s phony war, by Peter Ginna –
11. Restructuring the top level of the WikiLeaks map:
12. The Super Book Of Web Tools For Educators
13. Search google by reading level
14. should save time/energy when dealing with family/coworkers and tech support:
15. The 46 stages of Twitter Usage from beginning – Very Funny List
16. link at to download almost 500 MARC records for Project Gutenberg into my HS OPAC
17. Bin project – Libraries
18. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators-
19. Speak less
20. Wordpress as an ePortfolio platform
21. Literature Learning Ladders: Link literature with technology to enhance learning
22. – idiot-proofing CC image attribution
23. Why Wikileaks Matters to Libraryland.
24. Writing In A Digital World:
25. Research

More links from today at

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