10 Dec

1. Digital Textbooks in Florida Schools From District to Desktop: Making the Most of Broadband
2. Free ebooks and
3. Google ebooks in libraries
4. Ereaders in schools and
5. Digital Reading Skills
6. Review of new colour nook and its lending feature
7. Kobo makes ereading social with Reading Life –
8. Second ebook survey shows publishers still struggling to maximize ebook profits –

Library stuff
9. The Library Space as Learning Space
10. School library reading blog
11. Learn more about information literacy in Second Life and and
12. Library design and
13. Growing Success with turnitin -prezi
15. Rethinking Library to Improve Information Literacy

Other interesting stuff
16. make online surveys and polls and embed them into your blog or wiki:
17. A list of web sites where students can publish their writing:
18. free online video editor:
19. nice periodic table
20. powered by Google, search the web in a new way, a little like Wonder Wheel:
21. a visual poll/survey that you can embed into your blog or wiki:
22. Vision versus Mission
23. draw online:
25. 27 interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom:
26. Gaming for Social Change
27. copyright-free images and photographs:
28. news aggregator: students can make their own newspapers:
29. search conflicts by time period and place – this one’s cool:
30. 10 Things I Learned About Facebook in 2010
31. Pedagogy; Practice Teacher Reboot Camp and Technology, Gaming Research, Teacher Reboot Camp
32. Arnold says, “Please help me, I’ve lost all my organs” (interactive for learning body parts) fun!
33. Google searches for 2010
34. Googleproof your images
35. Nice metaphor-“The Bank’s problems over the past month smack of what happens when u squash a cockroach in yr bathroom…”
36. Dictionary skills English Grammar
37. Student blogging IT learning
38. Cyberbullying whitepaper from Common Sense Media:
39. Slides for Connections, Clouds, Things & Analytics presentation:
40. Make fun things

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