Zucked in

07 Dec

1. New facebook profiles Watch Zuckerberg on 60 minutes
2. Submarine cabling
3. Google search and
4. Google ebookstore and and How Google’s New Online Bookstore Will Change Your School
5. Overdrive compatible cheat sheet and using Overdrive media console Publishers and Overdrive Ebook links Overdrive app coming for reading ebooks on iphone Overdrive and devices to buy Voicethread on Overdrive for ebooks in schools
6. A very private education
7. first ever Google Teacher Academy down under will be held in March 2011. Apply at
8. Psykopaint – Create and paint amazing art from photos Create funny pictures from your photos. Art
9. Cybersafety Help Button
10. Designing Schools for 21st Century Learning’
11. 85+ Resources: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media
12. Google Docs class notes and projector use
13. Ipad and and and
14. “People resist what the technology may represent – change, confusion, loss of control, impersonalization”
15. The Innovative Educator: When students own the learning
16. 1st Century Literacy and Global Competence Flourish in the Flat Classroom
17. Developing your Web Presence: a librarian’s guide
18. Reading activity Character scrapbook
19. 17 Free eBooks for Teachers and Parents
20. Beyond basics of Creating Google Earth Field Trip via Jean Oswald Http://
21. Figment: Write Yourself In

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