What would yoda do?

06 Dec

1. Professional Learning
2. Social media policy wizard
3. Effective searching
4. 1 to 1 PL
5. Free speed reading software
6. Strategies for online reading comprehension
7. PLN twitter
8. Learning with blogs Student writing and blogging
9. Literature circles Power
10. Great sentences
11. Bloom’s taxonomy differentiator
12. Ebooks and school libraries Loreto Normanhurst – Overdrive and
13. Netlibrary
14. Which ereader device to buy and more
15. 3 safe search engines
16. Letter to Parents about 3rd Grade E-Portfolios
17. Parent Letter for Twitter Use
18. Moodle blogging moodle quick image guide Moodle tutorials including blogging and and Joomla
19. Scary debt stuff
20. Parents, cyberbullying
21. Web 2.0 I blog on prezi
22. Using technology for authentic assessment and
23. Edublogs awards and
24. Using kindle and twitter to share learning
25. eXtending the Web – a gaze into the future:
26. and connected
27. Teaching scientific inquiry skills – handbook for bio-science educators in universities
28. teaching of educational psychology :
29. online authoring tool students can use to construct knowledge and communicate ideas
30. Wikileaks
31. Grading 2.0: Evaluation in the Digital Age
32. Document cameras
33. and CCs pics, incl. attribution w/in embed code
34. revised manifesto
35. Ebook Formats and How They Affect Educators – Webinar Dec 7 – Register here
36. research skills, media 21 project
37. Information literacy continuum
38. Make ebook
39. A Web Site for Literary Teenagers
40. power of teachers blogging

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