Advent- ageous

05 Dec

1. Information literacy
2. Ways to get Students Thinking web 2.0
3. Upgrading the Reading Log
4. Dewey
5. Digital literacy
6. Digital literacy lessons
7. Talking With Parents About Digital Safety: cybersafety
8. new presentation feature on Glogster
9. reading comprehension online or off – all about underlying text structure
10. Blogs, Wikis, or Google Docs – Oh My! by Lisa Nielsen
11. Networked Learning for Global Competence
12. Qrait Gather info in one place research assistant or pathfinder:
13. Teaching Writing in the Digital Age
14. student safety online
15. School Librarians Continue to Help Students Achieve Standards: The Third Colorado Study (2010)
16. The Educator’s Guide to the Creative Commons
17. One of the main considerations with choosing an ereader is whether you wish to be able to borrow free ebooks from Overdrive which is available from sources such as some council libraries. and and
18. Yahoo!’s list of the 10 most popular search terms in 2010
19. OverDrive most downloaded for November –
20. Knowledge, beliefs, and other mental states are much more fine-grained than our more traditional analyses suggest
21. Where Social Learning Thrives
22. December 7: Webinar on Ebook File Formats and How They Affect You « The Unquiet Librarian:
23. Transforming Leadership
24. The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
25. “Do You Share?
26. Climate Tours in Google Earth
27. 8 Tools for Effective Explanation
28. iPad driving e-reader growth this year more than Kindle –
29. (about class size, etc.)
30. Wylio – Creative Commons Images for Bloggers
31. 6 Nifty Ideas For Using Google Apps In The Classroom:
32. Twitter as a professional development tool
33. My Place in History
34. Google about to launch long-awaited e-book retailing venture. Read anywhere. Kindle in trouble?
35. Data visualization presents stats like you’ve never seen before health, life expectancy
36. The Virtual World of Gifted Kids:
37. Resources to Help Schools Understand Social Media at:
38. anti-smoking presentation:
39. 10 Alternatives to Standard Professional Development
40. Find out your bookprint

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