Today I didn’t get into trouble

04 Dec

1. Do you Know the feeling?- warrior librarian
2. Condoms
3. Promotion
4. QR codes
5. Gaming
6. You can find links on our Web World:
7. Katie Day at UWC and other librarians in Singapore created this great wiki: There are also some fabulous links on this site:
9. Visual mapping
10. Maths wiki
11. Best books 2010
12. Lending DVDs
13. When will the paper book disappear
14. Ebook summit
15. E-book futures YSL5# and
16. The New Face of Activism: Project Global Inform and PandoProjects
17. Internet, Youth Deviance & the Problem of Juvenoia:
18. Create a fake iPhone text conversation
19. Grammar Girl on Plagiarism
20. History 28 Tech Tools to Bring Out the Story in Hist.
21. Free Seminars for Librarians
22. Participatory Librarianship—Creating Possibilities via Transliteracy, Learning, & Linchpins
23. The Beauty of Sand the art of storytelling
24. Prezi link for “Learning…with and without you
25. Strength in Numbers: Data-driven collaboration may not sound sexy, but it could save your job:
26. web 2.0 tools
27. Educators Can Save Time When They Stop Reinventing the Wheel with OER
28. Animate Text with Wondersay
29. Virtual Worlds are genuinely real spaces for learning
30. Heaps of royalty free stuff clipart, photos, music, sounds, posters etc for blogs etc,
31. “Tell Me What You’ve Learned.” Independent learning
32. Pulse News Reader facebook integration.
33. Google to launch service for e-books on any device w/ browser. Expected to roil publishing indust.
34. Sony e-reader and and

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