24 Nov

1. If downloading ebooks from sources such as OverDrive, you cannot use a Kindle or iPad. The formats are not compatible with OverDrive. However, an internet enabled netbook, laptop, or computer can access Overdrive and also Amazon Kindle for PC (AK4PC) ebooks. The nook does play MP3’s. According to the specs it only plays MP3 files, not MP2 (a public domain version of MP3, which is patented), MP4/AAC (iTunes native format), OGG,WMA, etc. It does not support DRM protected MP3 files. The Kindle use MOBI format, the Nook uses ePub. You can not convert them back and forth or to or from PDF, if they have DRM such as the ones sold by
their respective vendors.
2. Calibre, besides managing your collection, will keep a book in multiple formats, convert between them (if they are not DRM protected) if necessary, load the right format on a particular device and so
3. You can download from Project Guttenberg over 33,000 public domain ebooks in several formats, including ePub, or download a DVD of 29,000 of them in PDF.
4. Wesley College investigates ereaders
5. Kerry Smith’s Blog
6. SCIS thinking about ebooks
7. EDNA group
8. Ebooks from itunes U
9. Meta free ebook index
10. Professional Learning – ebooks – April 1st

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One response to “Ereaderama

  1. Miriam Ahnon

    December 6, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I’ve found your websites and youtubes, very helpful. Don’t know how you do it, but it certainly saves me time. Thanks so much.


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