I am number four

21 Nov

1. What are your legacy powers? – take the test trailer for the test
movie trailer
who is Pittacus Lore ? and and
ironic review
controversy and
article about frey- warning – coarse language


“I am Number Four” doesn’t have “vampires” but “they” look “ Like ghosts. They were pale like albinos. They wore sunglasses…They had black eyes and pointy teeth….broken and chiseled.” p201 They are superstrong, and wear long dark coats. They have “deep, raspy voices.” P202 And they don’t like sunlight.

Is your neighbour an alien? Ten failsafe ways to tell. P152

Weird people like weird stuff. P152

“Shut up Mark,” I say.”Manure in my locker was one thing, but you’ve gone too far with this one.” P131

“…Did you know crop circles were originally used as a navigational tool for the Agharian alien race? …Today they are only created by bored farmers.”
…I have the urge to ask what sorts of people create alien conspiracies if it is bored farmers who create crop circles…” p106

Leonardo da Vinci was an alien p223 sorry- make that son of alien…

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