20 Nov

1. which allows you to read and listen to classics at the same time.
2. backchannel in class
3. My Innovation Prevention Dept (IT Dept)
4. SignUp Genius! Create Online Sign-Up Lists!
5. writing starters
6. Don’t Hate the Hashtag: a Social Media Revolution
7. CampusGuides Transform Librarians into Tech Innovators
8. A conversation starter for bullying? swear word will probably preclude it from school use.
9. why Amazon is a bigger threat to Google than FB or Apple
10. Humility
11. “Technology is Revolutionizing Research”
12. Professional Development 24/7 With Twitter:
13. What Does the Innovative School Look Like? Interview with Dr. Tom King
14. Targetmap: Easily Create Free Customized Maps
15. list of the tech tools and why they’re useful to teachers
16. “Teaching 2.0 Tutorials Together”:
17. Our Future World: An analysis of global trends, shocks and scenarios – relate to your school setting
18. We Tell Stories – Digital fiction from Penguin. Interactive ‘e-books’. 6 authors – 6 classics.
19. Over 300 sessions @globaledcon
20. How Facebook and Twitter Are Replacing Blogging
21. The Trouble with E-Readers, by David Pogue
22. Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts » Blog Archive » Music Piracy vs Music Industry:
23. Do more vs. do better”>
24. Transformative or just flashy educational tools?
25. CampusGuides Transform Librarians into Tech Innovators
26. Your Job or Your Work:
27. Missing in Action: School Librarians and the Digital and Media Literacy Plan of Action:
28. Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching
29. Workshop Activity: Paper Blogs
30. 250+ Places for Free Books Online
31. eReader of choice via Wired
32. Edublog Awards are a “go”
33. Missing in Action: School Librarians and the Digital and Media Literacy Plan of Action:
34. Fighting Bullying With Babies:
35. Nurture Human Talent
36. Essential Questions resources
37. Free global education conference to be held between the 15th and 19th of November.
38. Qwiki- transforming the search into a story
39. Comparing Escher’s Staircases and Harry Potter’s on Vimeo!
40. Kindles and and and and Our New Kindle Resource Guide: Home – Kindles at The Unquiet Library – LibGuides at Creekview H… and and YouTube – Kindle in the Library: How to Register a Kindle:
41. Top 25 Sites of 2010 from Tech & Learning
42. Presentation Zen: 10th Grader Autumn Shares Her Research on Genocide in Sudan, November 2010:
43. Mindful Infotention
44. Why blog when you can Glog?
45. Creative Commons: What Every Educator Needs to Know
46. Learning happens
47. 2010 Horizon Report: Australia-New Zealand Edition now available at
48. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Pyramid (w/ hyperlinked resources)
49. Six Models for Collaborative Team Teaching
50. built-in attribution for images that are free to use. Searches Flickr pics designated as CCworks.
51. Climate change
52. dewey
53. rubric for digital storytelling can be blended with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy -does this work?
54. Kindle advice
55. Using Google Earth & Children’s Lit to Teach Geography
56. Students Cannot Rely on Wikipedia
57. Wikis To Strengthen Vocabulary:
58. Reading Ring literacy tool. Comic Lab: fun comic strip creation website for kids:
59. Top 10 Sites for Creating Quizzes
60. Study Strategies: Tricks of the Trade for Elementary School Students
61. Eportfolio Vision
62. Interested in Global Learning? Join the next week. It’s all open & free

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