Great blogs

20 Nov

1. Great Professional learning – Nominate blogs –
2. David Hockney : “first exhibition totally emailed”
3. Cheating pays well
4. Book promotion – Grand Discussion”
5. Web 2.0 tools to be used with each level of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and hyperlinked to the the tools’ websites and Peacock
6. Web 2.0 Presentation
7. Innovation blog
8. ED QLD TL role description and
9. Bloom & voice thread
10. Cellular animation
12. Best fiction and non-fiction 2010 for young adults and
13. Ideas for End of Year Slideshows:
14. Observing a Classroom? Watch the Students, Not the Teacher –
15. Bullying
16. Research with Jog the web
17. New Class Blog – amazing reflections on Dorothy Mackellar’s poetry
18. How google works in graphic detail
19. The Best…” Lists On Technology — 2010
20. 50 online Digital StoryTools
21. Itunes U
22. Digital dossier
23. Math teachers Web 2.0 tools!
24. teach Web research skills
25. warm up activity No. 2 Game – Cone Crazy
26. Walkthrough template – instructional round
27. Students talk about the opportunity gaps they experience in school:
28. Debategraph Global debate map
29. Why You Should Focus on “Worst Practices”
30. Mindfulness Matters! Wandering Mind Is a Sign of Unhappiness –
31. Oudated Teaching is Failing Our Children”
32. 10 Simple Words Students Screw Up
33. Skype v ichat
34. Adventures in library instruction
35. Open source library software – Evergreen
36. The role of Libraries in a transliterate world
37. The Lord of the Rings Online – Now play the game for free!
38. QR Codes in Education: ideas, experiences and best practices are shared and discussed. and
39. Bookapedia Book Battles
40. Math fun.
41. English- Ning Free Library writing
42. “Rule of Three” to Create Engaging Content –
43. Facts and Figures on Twitters Amazing 1300+% Growth:
44. “Make Your Mother Proud”: Check Out a Kindle
45. Media Literacy
46. Weebly website
47. kids do glogs inspired by Looking Like Me (Dean Myers)
48. 85+ Resources For Educators On Integration Of Social Media:
49. Never-Before-Revealed Guide to Web 2.0 in the Classroom
50. Video: Kindle in the Library—Refining Our Organizational Procedures with Forms:

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