12 Nov

1. Take a look at my Physics links here fun site(game) that lets you draw a line which becomes a course on which a tiny character rides a sled of sorts. The idea is to use appropriate physics when you draw your line so that the rider neither flies off the line nor loses momentum. Quick and easy to learn.
2. gr8 art tools
3. open scholarship, research and publishing
4. Stick to Just 1
5. Lightwork opensource tool for the management & marking assignments with moodle
6. Example of ‘completed’ wiki product deforestation
7. Skitch images
8. Photovisi free online image tool
9. multiplication and
10. 21stCentury Skills Literacies&Fluency presentation
11. list of Twitter Guides
12. Google’s instant preview
13. The Case For Social Media In Schools:
14. Truth Be Told: How College Students Evaluate and Use Information in the Digital Age”
15. How to Turn Current Events into Real-World Projects
16. Happiness is managing weaknesses AND putting strengths to work…
17. Managing happiness
18. Instructifeature: International classroom collaboration on the worldwide web
19. write a short story in 140 characters or less for Fastfic 140:
20. model of a superb annual school library report
21. Students Using Wikis to Strengthen Vocabulary Skills
22. 10 Leading Presentation Tools Every Designer Should Know
23. students need help comin up w/ creative name in their stories? Check out the Name Generator
24. Students Lack Basic Research Skills, Study Finds
25. The Arrival of Our New Kindles and Procedures for Cataloging the Kindles and Kindle eBooks: Today …
26. Stuff: Free Printable QR Code Generator, Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Labels & Stickers
27. Think Before You Post Online
28. The Object of Education is Learning, Not Teaching
29. Librarians part of the problem?
30. AASL’s Best Websites What would you add? Nominate a site for 2011
31. 24 Interesting Ways To Use Voicethread In The Classroom
32. Fantastic video! – Should Kids Be Driving Alone? Parents working with kids online
33. Being Transactional vs Being Transformational in Schools
34. Hillarious teachers teach procedural writing
35. it’s not about the technology, yet it’s ALL about the technology.
36. A Parents’ Guide to Facebook & shared a link to
37. Glog on The Best of TED For Teachers:
38. Check for Plagiarism On the Web For Free –
39. 15 Little Known Ways Google Can Help Teachers And Students:
40. Teaching Wikipedia AT-A-Glance Comic Tutorial
41. Technology plus heart
42. My blog is my PhD
43. take the Happiness Test
44. sci-fi
45. Teaching design for change
46. Comic Strip Creator – Chogger
47. International classroom collaboration on the worldwide web
48. 5 Creative Ways to Use Flip Cameras in Science and Math
49. crafting social media policies:
60. The QR Code Skill Poster series

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