Limewire is dead

31 Oct

1. Limewire and
2. Multitasking – Bad for Your Brain – Stanford Prof Clifford Nass. video
3. ClipGrab Makes it Simple to Download Videos Off Websites
4. Crowdsourcing Your Library Challenges: I and my co-presenters Elisabeth Abarbanel, Michelle Fromme, …
5. humour – Collaborative Planning
6. Web 2.0 Never Forgets-Developing A Digital Footprint:
7. Scratch
8. 6 free sites for creating your own animations
9. Free webinar Nov. 9: How to Start a School Ereader Program
10. 6 Reasons to Love the Textbooks from CK12:
11. kidlitosphere & cybils
12. Survey Finds College Students Love Laptops But Not eReaders, Facebook But Not Twitter
13. One True Media – How to make amazing slideshows and video montages
14. QR codes in our newspaper and library
15. Lateline – PE, good sleep and mental health
16. Christopher Columbus creates 21st Century Explorers…
17. Triple Threat Innovation Tool – replaces laptops, paper, – drives innovation:
18. Web Research skills:
19. Free Online Workshops | Teacher Reboot Camp
20. The 7 Steps to Innovative Leadership
21. VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio”
22. Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources
23. Huge collection of educational games:
24. Value of links to info
25. library trends
26. 8 Innovative Uses for Delicious
27. New Google Visualization tools –
28. Writing Process This Fun?
29. Games as documents. Beyond web2.0 in digital literacy:
30. The Shelf Marker Song with primary classes- recommend:
31. New additions to “The Best Sites To Learn About The Internet”
32. How to Use Twitter for Personal Data Mining
33. Blio Reader
34. Create customized ‘textbooks’ or e-portfolios Symbaloo EDU and Weblist
35. Teach collaborative revision with Google Docs –
36. Happiness-for-success tips
37. Job Description – what do you think?
38. 101 Uses For Quick Response (QR) Codes: Creating audience engagement.
39. AASL’s new Building Level Toolkit
40. science/chemistry teachers, this is really good! “The Periodic Table of Videos”
41. The (Very) Unofficial Facebook Privacy Guide
42. e-cards you can send from the Guggenheim Museum!
43. 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics
44. Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch:
45. Stixy? tricky wiki interface
46. K12 Online video just went live…
47. Free Software To Make That Flip Video Experience Even Better!
48. Augmented reality manipulatives
49. Digital Citizenship resource from CLI and DET:
50. Why Teachers Should Friend Students Online:
51. “Let’s Stamp Out Busyness”
52. It’s OK to Have Fun!
53. Teach collaborative writing with Google
54. Sort Fix graphically facilitates search
55. Free interactive games for kids on and
56. eConfused about eBooks
57. Juxio is a neat, free online visual creation tool timelines, visual organization, science, stories, etc.
58. Instant feedback with Chatzy:
59. NaNoWriMo Boot Camp, Day 1: Choosing the Right Idea
60. music site where you can play several videos simultaneously

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