“The danger of allowing an advertising company to control the index of human knowledge is too obvious to ignore”

31 Oct

1. Google is polluting the internet “We’ve grown complacent as researchers; lazy as thinkers. We place too much trust in one company, a corporate advertising agency, and a single way of organising knowledge, automated keyword indexing.”… “…most people can’t tell the difference between ads and content any more, this commercial barrage is having a cultural impact.” “No wonder it has become nearly impossible to imagine a world without consumerism.” How to find directories for searching google search news assessing online information educational search engines and
2. Sexting – Pew and eparenting
3. Archetypes
4. Using digital images in the classroom tl café
5. School Time Games
6. Ebooks and audiobooks
7. Libraries and the future of publishing
8. Student perspectives of online learning
9. using Twitter to teach about govt; politics:
10. Reading Enriches Learning
11. Assessment and Metacognition: Blogging Research Reflections
12. The Lancet: Core Clinical Collection Essential overviews of globally important diseases
13. Facebook is rolling out Friendship Pages that pull together posts, comments, photos and events 2 friends have in common
14. LOTE 100+ Language Learning Sites
15. Religion pathfinder skewed Google searches on religion –
16. Download youtube
17. Videojug – Get Good At Life. The world’s best how to videos plus free expert advice and tutorials.
18. Virtual tours PanoramicEarth. Natl Museum of Marine Biology Aquarium and
19. Facebook for Book Groups
20. Print vs. Digital: Analyzing and Designing Book Apps for Works of Literature: Lesson
21. Cool way to print news articles, blog posts, etc Joliprint:
22. Globally Connected Teacher-
23. Library design!brary-initiative.aspx
24. Interactive reading websites
25. Spooky display idea
26. Free Technology for Teachers: Professional Development
27. QR codes and using video to improve learning
28. viewing high resolution images
29. The ultimate intelligence test
30. More Physical Education for Children Boosts Bone Mass
31. 20 heroic librarians who save the world.
32. Author Interviews and Advice for Writers:
33. Some documentaries from snagfilms are available outside of USA …

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