Font an’ blur

25 Oct

1. Does font affect learning
2. IASL/SLAQ 2010 Conference Resources
Razzle dazzle: creating interactive library spaces
The leadership role of the teacher librarian in technology integration
Integrating information literacy through independent learning projects
Twin purposes of Guided Inquiry
Using social networks and ICT to enhance Literature Circles
Building collaborative communities online: a CSU initiative
The Information Search Process (ISP) and the research essay
Future of the book – challenge of the digital world
The Plato Program
MLC Libraries and Web 2.0 technologies
Libraries support staff development
In schools that face the future: Libraries matter
Invited guest or wedding crasher? School librarians’ involvement in national iniatives
High standards or a high standard of standardness?
3. Smokescreen game- Alternate Reality Game -be an “administrator” of a social networking site. The game deals with issues of identity theft, being able to trust people online, etc. It’s aimed at a teenage audience-quite texty with lots happening at any one time (similar to how teenagers operate…. Chat window open, facebook open, etc.) Nothing in the game is real, it has a mock-up of a social networking site called “fakebook” and a mock-up of a chat program called “msg”, etc.. You can create a log in at: and
4. Location based social media
5. Lights, Camera, Action: Using Film and Graphic Novels to Explore Themes of Power and Social Control in the High School English Classroom
6. 50 Ways to Anchor Technology in Your Classroom
7. Learn in it 5(mins) videos/PD for Web 2.0
8. Not enough tech support = no technology use
9. Guyku poetry
10. Stopping Cyber Crime – Answers to Important Questions cybersafety Confessions of a bully
11. Halloween Scavenger Hunt blog scavenger hunt
12. Youtube fun – 1 2 3 4 tell me that you love me more and and Kristin Andreassen – Crayola Doesn’t Make A Color For Your Eyes and
13. Zooburst pop up book to promote Books fun
14. Procrastination and carrying out course-related research in the digital age plus other information literacy clips
15. Jeff Utecht “Community Trumps Content” and Facebook
16. Amazon announces 14-day Kindle e-book lending
17. Minilessons 4 Nonfiction: Comprehension: Critical Thinking:
18. Reflections on SLJ Summit
19. Stephen Abram’s slidedeck for his keynote The future of reading 2020
20. Mark Pesce When I’m 64 and
21. Free Movies: Watch the Classics
22. 5 top school blogs
23. Treasure Chest–Tons of Tools, Apps, Games, How-To’s, Slideshows, Videos & More!
24. Donald Leu on Embracing New Literacies
25. Is Jane Austen being pushed aside by Jodi Picoult? And isn’t it time to refresh school reading lists?
26. Student Friendly Standard Names wiki page
27. 100 Virtual Tours for Education. Highly impressive
28. “Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons, as they apply to Education”

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