24 Oct

1. Retribalizing, Literary Style: Virtual Book Clubs and Bookcasting and webinar 27 Oct 8-9pm AEDT
2. Kindle blog
3. “The Enchanted Inkpot is a community for writers and readers of high, historical, traditional and cross-genre fantasy intended for middle-grade and young adult readers”
4. Top 100 tools
5. Library re design and
6. Bullying
7. FB in Online Privacy Breach
8. Online virtual dice for IWB
9. Low tech High Performing Teachers w/ Low-Tech Classrooms
10. ClipConverter Download Web Videos in Most Any format
11. Drupal
12. Gr8 sites 2 make yr own music
13. Disabled
14. Adolescent literacy is critical Read Carnegie’s A Time to Act
15. Future of the Book
16. Qwiki
17. Web 2.0 Smackdown
18. Privacy and the Internet: A helpful Venn diagram
19. Great variety of resources for teachers on the path to 21st edu glory
20. show and tell online using Shuttercal
21. wikipage for teachers using iPads
22. Belonging
23. Sharing imperative Drape’s Takes
24. Teaching Unplugged With A Student Interaction Whiteboard
25. Watch Australian TV Online brings dozens of…
26. Great Paper sculptures for students
27. Art – bomomo
28. Student Uses Evernote in the Real World:
29. Internet Usage Statistics:
30. Vocabulary Instruction using digital tools and good first instruction
31. best on the web for teachers
32. differences between various fiction genres
33. Chalk Talk 10/22/10 writing
34. Library design
35. Taxonomy of Reflection
36. 5 awesome content tools –teaching
37. Netvibes to collate your online presence
38. Brain Nook – a virtual world that helps kids develop Maths and English skills
39. Information rage
40. Glogster poster Research questions
41. Competitor for wall wisher
42. Does the iPad Change Everything?
43. The Future of Reading:
44. “facebook” like- social studies, history
45. writing competition The Last Light Keeper – vote!
46. Origami sculpture
47. Throw away reading logs.
48. What Kind of Geek Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC] –
49. Texting & mobile phones:
50. The Bully Project. Powerful film, resources
51. URL Shortener Now Generates QR Codes, Too
52. So now you have to come into the library to download e-books
53. Pictures from our wonderful Write Path experience
54. Rethinking the Third Millennium Library Library design

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