Harry Potter Day 2010

23 Oct

At our school, students support charities by fundraising. They do this in a variety of ways, and in some of these efforts, students have some say in how they will raise money to actively support those in need in the community. For the last 2 years, students have organised a Harry Potter Day. Students are asked to bring a gold coin and in return they can dress as a Harry Potter character or object of their choice. Students change when they get to school and before they leave. So all day, there are Hermione Graingers, Whomping Willows, Dobbies, Hagrids, Weaslies and assorted other characters appearing. Dementors pop up, and even a patronus or two.

The highlight of the day is the lunchtime Quidditch match. This is played on the Terrace which is a rectangular grassed field between a team of about 10 teachers and 10 students. The goalies have a hula hoop each that they hold aloft at the end of the field. Quidditch players all have foam noodles rather than broomsticks. The snitch is a gold caped student who runs off at the beginning of the game and is spotted at the end when both seekers run around the field and try and catch the snitch. During the game, the teams try and score by throwing the volleyball though the hoop while the other team tries to stop this. The goals tend to move along the back line. There is a referee and it is played loosely like touch football, without the running backwards. However, rules are loosely followed and it is played for fun. See photos here Humour is added by commentary over the loud speaker by Luna Lovegood and other such characters, and various student chants. Dementors have a word or 2 to say and also run around periodically scaring the crowd. Voldemort even appeared. More money is raised for charity by selling Harry Potter type food.

The Library handed out Harry Potter type badges to students who borrowed and also ran a competition for costumes. Students were invited to come to the Library to get their photo taken to be in the running for prizes.

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