Feed Your Brain Information

18 Oct

1. Humour Feed Your Brains- and zombies
2. Facebook Delete doesn’t mean delete
3. Using moodle lesson
4. Five stages of grading
5. Personalized searching
6. Students submitting writing Cicada (ages 14+)
Frodo’s Notebook (13-19)
Liminal (13-19)
Merlyn’s Pen (13-19)
Teen Ink (13-19)
Teen Voices (girls 13-19)
The Writer’s Slate (through grade 12)
Pine Tree Poetry (through age 18)
7. Africa – how big
8. Protect, Nurture, Grow with Web 2.0 Lynn Swannell
9. Nonfiction, also climate change
10. Guess the google
11. Teens & Mobile Phones: Texting rises sharply as mobile phones become the communication hub for American teens
12. Conference notes the Library Research Seminar V
13. Skype in Schools
14. “Changing Education Paradigms” animation
15. Teacher one liners
16. Eight Noteworthy Reads on Information Literacy, Libraries, and New Literacies
17. How do assignment guides support informationliteracy

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