Dewey Digger

17 Oct

1. Dewey Interactive
2. Movies
3. Jenny Luca – keynote audio
4. Cool websites to teach writing
5. Goldrush pathfibder
6. Maths is not linear
7. Prezi-Blooms Taxonomy
8. Research skills
9. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
10. 18 Interesting Ways to Support Writing in the Classroom
11. 60 More Sites I Didn’t Know About in 60 Minutes
12. The Google Classroom:
13. Large study shows females are equal to males in math skills:
14. 7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools
15. How to Protect Your Child’s Privacy Online
16. Facebook Privacy Marketplace Tech Report explores the direction the social network is heading
17. Using Pecha Kucha Presentation Technique
18. Symbaloo launches education version LMS / Personal Learning Environment
19. How Your Can Help End Cyber Bullying
20. Skype Releases Facebook Integration
21. Teaching Teachers about Digital Citizenship
22. Google Earth Education Community
23. 20+ sites every digital filmmaker should know
24. 23 Interesting Ways to use a Nintendo DS in the Classroom
25. Library Research Seminar, Part 3 and Overall Impressions:
26. Digital LIteracy Across the Curriculum
27. 12 Tools for Editing, Enhancing, and Sharing Digital Images
28. Ancient Egypt
29. virtual worlds
30. Vocabulary and spelling
31. 18 Interesting Ways to Support Writing in the Classroom
32. Web start page woolik
33. Joyce Valenza and
34. Ansearch – an oz search engine in relation to some primary school research topics
35. Y U Luv Texts, H8 Calls
36. Library Research Seminar, Part 3 and Overall Impressions:

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  1. Jackie

    October 18, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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    Free Cloakguard plugin for Facebook available from:
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