Reader driven publishing possibilities

16 Oct

1. What if readers rated books and writers were paid accordingly – potentials
2. Character writing cards – writing
3. Educators Guide to Twitter Live Binder
4. Treat others with respect
5. 10 Steps to Better Lesson Plans
6. ePearl portfolios
7. Overcrowded and incoherent. Australia’s national curriculum.
8. Library report
9. Humour-What do you do when you need help with Math homework? Call 911
10. Man of LaMancha and the Teacher’s Heart:
11. Future academic libraries: a UTS view
12. How much did students get – spying
13. Best fantasy book covers
14. Water cycle – creately diagram / flowcharts similar tools from Brekkie with a Techie blog and
15. Clues about writing
16. Signage and Cricut expressions
17. How to find creative commons licences in flickr
18. A Digital Book For Teens-Keep Yourself And Stuff Safe Online:
19. 60 Websites in 60 Minutes. list – 64 Tools in 60 Minutes”
20. Neil Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book
21. History – Death in Ancient Rome from BBC…use your detective skills to unravel the events behind mysterious death
22. YoLink
23. “remix creativity” fair use and copyright
24. Differentiator – revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
25. The Ultimate Twitter Teacher Resource
26. Maths online individualized learning
27. Digital Citizenship & Literacy curriculum CommonSense Media site:
28. Librarypoint blog
29. 2010 horizon report
30. 2.0: Digital Citizenship. 20 tech lessons
31. How to avoid committing social media gaffes suggests using Facebook Fan page for school sites
32. “I Am What I Learn”
33. Average Teenager Sends 3,339 Texts Per Month [STATS]
34. Digital storytelling
35. Simplybox
36. Wolfram Tones: A new way of creating music:
37. Gina’s K.I.S.S Blog – Learning for Todays World Whitby 21st century learning & teaching
38. Instructional Rounds and and and and
39. Free Technology for Teachers – Interactive Romeo and Juliet
40. RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms
41. E-books – new directions for readers and libraries
42. Ipads and their impact
43. Google v facebook
44. 10 Steps to Better Lesson Plans
45. Video games help schools get kids moving, exercising more
46. How to grade efficiently
47. Twitter for education
48. Reminder on using interactive white boards
49. Learning spaces design future- learning conversations
50. The World Is Full of Interesting Things” – a fantastic example of a Google Prez.
51. Budget and teaching wiki

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