“Stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”

15 Oct

1. Belonging blog
2. Suck-Free Speaking
3. Online free video editing
4. Humour- Mom discovers facebook
5. Teen Learning 2.0
6. Art – Kassan’s use of the iPad
7. Voice 2note which will record and then transcibe a voice note for you
8. Music
9. Google Prez.
10. Cool Websites and Tools [October 13th]
11. Online communities for learning professionals
12. Digital storytelling
13. How I became a better teacher:
14. The Case for Social Media in Schools –
15. Use Wolfram-Alpha to create barcodes from an ISBN Number –
16. Help your students visualize what they’re learning w/ Bloom’s Taxonomy also
17. An activity to teach the concept of win-win Tick tack
18. Creative Commons Introduces New Public Domain Mark
19. Calisphere – A World of Digital Resources
20. Goodreads – Books like Muchamore for Middle school boys
21. Langwitches Facebook Page. “Like” it!
22. Reform
23. New school new website – Betcher
24. Math games
25. Humour- Litmus unicorn
26. Library of the Future in Plain English
27. A Quality teacher is judged by their audience and by making their classroom transparent
28. Macrorie’s I-Search from Doug Johnson (preventing plagiarism)
29. Perfectionism
30. “Manifesto Should be a Resignation Letter”
31. Facebook for educators
32. Social Media in Learning- chart
33. Info for The Sane Teacher’s Guide to Tech Integration:
34. Digital Citizenship Symposium
35. Free for educators:
36. Networking Guidelines, Revised –
37. Job seeking
38. Bookmarklet Turns Any Webpage Into a Whiteboard
39. Digital life
40. Creative express- animations
41. Doug Johnson
42. Links for social networking presentation
43. Bulkr flickr batch download
44. Social Networking Acceptable Use” K-12 wiki
45. Eread
46. Moodle
47. Social media and activism
48. 10 Free Tools To Make Infographics
49. 31 Digital Storytelling Sites
50. Digital citizenship
51. Twitter for education:
52. Crowdsourcing Library Challenges
53. Chris Betcher and slides are here
54. ICTinthePYP conference in Hong Kong
55. You tilizing youtube

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