12 Oct

1. Grabba Beast- create your own beast – digital storytelling tool-
2. Ipads in schools
3. Grooveshark- listen to free radio Hum or sing 2 find ur fav song Hum or sing 2 find ur fav song
4. 5 Reasons Why Schools Should Switch To Online Tests by Shankar Ganesh midomi
5. The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism.
6. Library lessons
7. How to Create Self-Graded Quizzes in Google Docs
8. Use Googleforms daily 2 track collaborative work w/teachers. I use summary 2 see patterns
9. Demographics Define Israeli-Palestinian Future
10. Why Women Need Friends, and How to Keep Them
11. Math Tutorials from Khan Academy
12. Waiting for Superman response. Must read!
13. The Principal of Change
14. How 2 Help U & yr Child Remember-Part 1 of 3
15. Nat’l Writing Project and Make magazine projects and
16. MOTIVATION – “Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure” – Best …
17. Tech Savvy Kids Changing the World
18. English – Things We Say Wrong
19. Library ad
20. Fun Way to Get Ss Correcting/Thinking of Their Own Mistakes
21. Future databases
22. Setting Up Student Blogs
23. Lessons
24. Principals Learn Through Social Media
25. 10 Ways to Encourage Good Questions
26. Great resource for Refugee unit
27. Attention, Engagement, and the Next Generation – includes ebooks
28. 5 ways to improve your typing speed.
29. Connection management instead of collection management
30. Animoto for geography
31. Marking writing–ADV%20Set%2022.htm
32. Nancy Duarte explains difference between the power of story and a report
33. Social Media Benefits
34. Timelines: Butter Up Your Lessons With Timetoast
35. National writing project
36. Jenny Luca
37. Getting started on Edublogs: challenge (Scavenger Hunt) classroom blogs
38. Fix facebook before getting a job

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