Fan-tastic or group-tastic?

05 Oct

1. Facebook – for Libraries – setting up and and and
2. Book trailers and book videos
3. Future of the book IDEO innovations in ebook publishing
4. Bialil Library – library design
5. Cyberbullying
digital citizenship and
6. Banned books
7. “Turn an iPod into an iPhone
8. Cybersafetly
9. Disabilities and learning support toolbar
10. Test generator
11. Diagram collaboration
12. The case for social media in schools
13. Reviews Waiting for Superman
14. Writing workshop and John Marsden
15. Quizzes for IWB
16. Digital textbooks
17. Appeal of Digital Reading
18. Google URL shortener
19. Movie :the Tree
20. AirDropper lets Dropbox users securely request files from anyone
21. local gov transparency docs published and commentable
22. Ipad and itouch userguides
23. Education resources from TSETC conference
24. Library design|+Digital+Media+%26+Education%29&utm_content=Twitter
25. Mobile learning with kids
26. Information age inquiry
27. Bloom’s Taxonomy
28. The truth about the ipad
29. Citing and sources
30. Reading books in the digital age
31. Comic and Animation Technologies in the Classroom:
32. Cartoon-erific.
33. Math tests
34. “It’s a Librarian Eat Librarian World Out There”
35. Free and cool, remove unwanted things from photos – easy
36. 10 Great Free Resources

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