It gets better

03 Oct

1. Stop teenage suicide – Ellen de Generes No suicide contract news and and
Dacking great cyberbullying clip
Movies – The Heathers M, My Suicide MA

ACMA – Free DVD for schools called Let’s Fight It Together more at
Bullying – no way
Sydney Morning Herald Article and

Amy by Hooper
Destroying Avalon
By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters Warning – check first suitability
Books on cyberbullying
Bullying books

2. Mortal Kiss – interactive mystery
3. Horror books – top 10
4. Create animated videos up to five minutes in length with Memoov can be as simple as selecting a setting image(s), selecting a character or characters, and adding dialogue
5. Where do good ideas come from
6. visual search engine that lets you explore the results of your searches in a visual fashion
7. Censorship in the classroom: teacher’s account about choosing and using a book with a class although one parent had grave reservations
8. Fantasy Book cover art and and Bad cover
9. Comic master – make your own graphic novel
10. Brilliant 100 word stories
11. 11 teen movies based on classics
12. Bloom’s taxonomy in tree web 2.0 form
13. Making maths fun
14. Katniss V Bella – Which young-adult crossover hit series has the most empowered heroine? Don’t jump to conclusions- you may be surprised
15. Clip – how school teach students to aim low – aim low
16. Jewelbeat – royalty free music and thanks to Rhondda for many of today’s links
17. Time saving twitter
18. Make house floor plans easy
19. Collaborative storytelling
20. Top 5 ipad rivals

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