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28 Sep

1. Yolink and sweet search get it together Studies show that students, rarely review more than the top three search results, and almost never beyond six. Studies also show that most students cannot differentiate between credible results and misinformation. SweetSearch, enhanced by Yolink, enables students to review a long list of vetted search results, zero in on the ones that are most relevant to their task, and then save those results to a Google Doc (with the link included), EasyBib’s citation generator, or social bookmarking services.
2. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black and more interviews-intersecting worlds and and
3. Unit on forced migration – geography-
4. Future of resumes
5. Grand challenges or a common way of thinking? Libraries future
6. Make Read posters
7. 11 Astounding Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True
8. Photo Sharing in the Elementary School: Is It Worth the Time and Energy?
9. Radical design challenge “When 30% of high school students drop out in America (as high as 50% in some urban centers) but 93% of them are online, the need to reach these kids wherever they are, whenever they need it, with whatever tools they use is more important than ever.”
10. Kaycee Eckhardt importance of summer reading and
11. Writing and and and and
12. The Best Ways To Back-Up Your Computer & Online Work
13. Free Technology for Teachers – A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet
14. Seven Tools for Organizing Web Research webcasts webcast other webcasts
15. Blogging with students
16. 20 Interesting Ways to use Google Search in the Classroom
17. We all have our own way of connecting the things we find on the Internet when we research a topic. Trailmeme provides a way to record those connections and publish them as a mind map or flowchart as a “trail.” When you publish your trail publicly other visitors to Trailmeme can “walk” the trail you created
18. Social media guidelines for schools
19. How web video powers global innovation – Chris Anderson Jonathan Chu talks
20. E textbooks and free ones and and

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