City of Ashes – Study Guide

23 Sep

This is a study guide – so – warning – spoilers ahead.
Apologies for typos and any other errors. This is a great series- especially great dialogue, and tricky plotting.

See here Study Guide for Book 1 City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Tribes, symbols, and other devices

Fledgling – new vampire
Darkling-half turned vampire
Warlock-language- Chthonian
Shadowhunter have to be born one, uphold the Covenant law
Vampires– cannot come to the Institute because it is hallowed ground and they are damned.
Faeries-beauty of angels , viciousness of demons. They can’t lie but they can engage in creative truth telling. P139 They’ll find out whatever you want most in the world and give it to you, but with a sting in the tale that will make you regret you ever wanted it in the first place…They’re not really about helping people. More about harm disguised as help..Have no sense of humour.
Arrow Jace is Valentine’s arrow p28 p293


P16 Mostly extinct is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH….
I see I’ll just have them change the entry in the demonology textbook from “almost extinct’ to “not extinct enough for Alec. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct.’
P16 I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.
P28 …Simon’s sketches of people all looked like parking meters with tufts of hair.
P42 Except in a game, the good guys always won, defeated the bad guys and came home with the treasure. Whereas in real life, they’d lost the treasure, and sometimes Clary wasn’t clear who the bad guys and good guys actually were.
P45 Do you have to be so ..
Unpleasant…Only on days when my adoptive mother tosses me out of the house with instructions never to darken her door again. Usually, I’m remarkably good-natured. Try me on any day that doesn’t end in y.”
P47 “I don’t want to be a man…I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can’t confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead.”
Well, you’re doing a fantastic job.
P48 Not everything Jace did was insane and suicidal, she reminded herself. It just seemed that way.
P69 I’m stolid Middle-aged.
Except that once a month you turn into a wolf and go tearing around slaughtering things..
It could be worse..Men my age have been known to purchase expensive sport cars and sleep with supermodels.
P76 To claim the name of Wayland makes you a liar. Just like your father.
Actually, ..I prefer to think that I’m a liar in a way that’s uniquely my own.
P78 Yes, I was trained to be an evil mastermind from a young age. Pulling the wings off flies, poisoning the earth’s water supply- I was covering that stuff in kindergarten. I guess we’re all just lucky my father died before he got to the raping and pillaging part of my education, or no one would be safe.
P81 Somebody’s girlfriend…Somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter. All these things I never knew I was before , and I still don’t really know what I am.
P82 Dante’s inferno-S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse…a persona che mai tornasse al mondo…
P124 Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
P132 Is standing by the window muttering about blood something he does all the time?
No… sometimes he sits on the couch and does it.
P137 Tell Isabelle no.
But, she thinks it’s a good idea…
Then tell Isabelle no twice.
P142 Mom and Dad won’t be pleased if they find out.
That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…No, probably not.
P142 Every time I annoy him he retreats into his “no mundanes allowed’ treehouse.
P156 Love does make liars of your kind.
P160 The kiss that will free the girl is the kiss that she most desires.
P161 Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it bestowed like a favour, to those most deserving of it.
P169 I love Simon.
Like you love Luke. ..Like you love your mother.
P169 The truth is that I love Simon like I should love you, and I wish he was my brother and you weren’t, but I can’t do anything about that and neither can you.
P173 It’s three in the morning. ..Do you think Simon’s alright?
I think he’s weird actually…Though that has little to do with the time.
P186 Blood is blood.
P196 Love takes your choices away.
P257 Jace reminds me of an old boyfriend. Some guys look at you like they want sex. Jace looks at you like you’ve already had sex and it was great and now you’re just friends- even though you want more. Drives girls crazy. ..
What happened to…The old boyfriend. The one Jace reminds you of.
…He’s the one who turned me into a werewolf.
P286 I bait her, I can’t help it. Vicious bureaucrats get under my skin.
P288 I deplore this modern habit of calling one’s parents by their first names.
What I actually want to call you is a lot more unprintable than your name.
P290 …Jace was lying on the floor, envisioning lines of dancing girls in an effort to ignore the pain in his wrists. It wasn’t working…
What are you doing?…
I thought I’d lie on the floor and writhe in pain for a while..It relaxes me.’
P301 The Inquisitors got this place locked up tighter than a pentagram. You know there are guards downstairs. She’s called in half the Clave.
She must think highly of me.
P304 I thought …that you were-dead..
I am dead…
I know, but I meant – really dead…
P305 He’s the Valentine, right..The one everyone talks about. The one who started the uprising…
He’s Jace and Clary’s father…
He sounds just like Jace..No wonder Jace is such as ass.
P310 How touching…The children of moon and night getting along at last.
P311 So, you’re Clary’s father. No offense, but I can kind of see why she hates you.
And why is that?
Because…you’re obviously psychotic.
P312 Simon knew what he was supposed to say, Sh’ma Yisrale, adonai elohanu, adonai echod. Hear oh Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is One. He tried to speak the words, but a searing pain burned his throat. Clary he whispered instead.
P314 First I climbed out Isabelle’s window and up the wall. There are a number of ornamental gargoyles that make good handholds. Also, I’d like to note for the record that my motorcycle is no longer where I left it. I bet the Inquisitor took it on a joyride around Hoboken.
P315 I hate to break it to you, but we need a boat to get to another boat…I’m not sure even Jace can walk on water.
P321 He offered Stephen a choice, and Stephen chose. Whatever else his faults were, Valentine never blackmailed or threatened anyone into joining the Circle. He wants only willing followers. The responsibilities for Stephen’s choices rests with him.
“Free will,” said Clary.
“There’s nothing free about it.”…”Valentine—“
“Offered you a choice, didn’t he…””He wanted you to stay..”
And you said no..”
…”I wish people would stop guessing that. It’s making me feel predictable.”
p324 (Magnus) And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a Mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him…
I always thought Cain’s might have been the first recorded Mark. It certainly protected him.
P329 I am nothing like you. I follow the law.
Even when it instructs you to kill a boy still in his teens just to punish his father?
p330 Val to Imogen – There is nothing you have to offer that I could possibly want.
P331 Do I have a choice?l
Not in the literal sense no.
P345 Wait..The melted metal—it could be like toxic sludge or something.
…I’m from New Jersey. I was born in toxic sludge.
P353 But isn’t that what love is Clarissa? Ownership? I am my beloved and my beloved is mine…You don’t get it. It’s not that someone belongs to you, it’s that you give yourself to them. I doubt you’ve ever given anything to anyone except nightmares.
P364 You have to give everything ugly motives for everything they do, because ugly motives are all you understand.
P364 Since the demon threat is invisible to mundane, they must assign the threat to others of their kind. They place the face of the enemy onto the face of their neighbour, and this are generations of misery assured.
P366 But she had begun to see what Luke had meant when he said you couldn’t argue with Valentine. Somehow he’d made it impossible for her to disagree with him without feeling she was standing up for demons who bit children in half.
P377 “I could have killed you.”
I would have let you.
P24 You never sang to me . You were never afraid of the dark . What kind of ten year old is never afraid of the dark..P46 Viper in their bosom,p63 IF you try to tear him out of your family, you’ll leave a wound that won’t ever heal. P77 cuckoo bird p84 Alec would jave said he could have benefitted from a bit more in the way of constructive cowardice. Fear wasn’t something that had ever affected him much. P394 You were wrong that I never sang it to you…It’s just that you never heard me.
P396 She’d spent the week texting him from Luke’s couch where she’d lain wrapped up in a blanket watching CSI reruns. It was comforting to spend time in a world where every puzzle had a detectable scientific answer.
P400 Nothing good ever starts with the words, “Valentine said.”
P406 Only mundanse says they’re sorry when what they mean is,“ I share your grief.”

Plot summary

Prologue: Smoke and Diamonds
Valentine gets Warlock Elias to summon demon Agramon who has to obey him as he has the Mortal Cup

A Season in Hell
1. Valentine’s Arrow p17 Maryse Lightwood returns with Max. Jace’s visit to Jocelyn did not go well. Simon and Clary are “not quite happy’ watching TV. Simon calls Clary his girlfriend. Jace accuses Maryse of not singing to him as a child. Maryse accuses Jace , of knowing earlier that Valentine was his father. Simon kisses Clary. Isabelle tells Clary Jace has gone.
2. The Hunter’s Moon p31 About Maia and how she became a werewolf. Jace turns up at the Hunter’s Moon, a werewolf bar. A werewolf boy is killed outside. Jace starts a fight and Luke breaks it up. Luke tells Jace Maryse thinks he lied to her. Luke understands that Jace cannot tell Maryse he hates Valentine. Luke offers Jace a home, but says he should go back to the Institute. Jace asks Luke to come with him. Simon meets Maia.
3. The Inquisitor-They return to the Institute. Raphael –in projection- and Luke agree to meet later. They find out a warlock has been murdered as well. Luke offers to be tried by the soul sword- the second of the mortal instruments, in a trial to prove Jace is telling the truth. Maryse talks about how Valentine betrayed them at the Uprising. That he fled. That he lied just like when he brought Jace to the Lightwoods. Maryse admits she sent Jace away to avoid the Inquisitor who hates the Lightwoods who can strip his marks. Jace refuses to leave because his family will be blamed. But Jace will never be able to return if he leaves.
4. The cuckoo in the nest-Simon likens Shadowhunters to a cult. That you can never stop being a Shadowhunter. Clary considers getting marks, but Luke warns the need for training. Luke gives Clary her mother’s stele. Alec has bites on his neck. Jace meets the Inquisitor imogen Herondale who sends him to jail in the Silent City. Maia comes to Luke’s. Clary tells Simon he can sleep in her room.
5. Sins of the father-p83 Jace is in jail and Brother Jeremiah and all the Silent Brothers are killed by Valentine to get their sword. Clary is kissing Simon who tells her he loves her again and Isabelle calls to tell her Jace is in jail. A fey is murdered in Central Park. They get a call of an attack on the Silent City.
6. City of Ashes-p103- Alec, Clary and Is find the brothers dead.
7. The Mortal Sword-The Inquisitor and Clave arrive. Jace is sick and Magnus comes. Jace is given in to Magnus’s custody.

The Gates of Hell

8. The Seelie Court p125– Jocelyn marks Clary in her sleep. Clary takes Simon to Magnus’s. Magnus is sick of Jace cleaning up. P136 Simon kisses Clary’s wrist in front of the group. They work out Valantine is trying the Ritual of Infernal Conversion to reverse the sword from angelic to demonic. The Clave will not act, and Is tells them the Seelie Court wants an audience. Alec will stay with Magnus as exchange prisoner. Humans are not permitted in the Seelie Court but Simon is admitted. Is is flirting with Meliorn. Cannot dance or eat or drink with faeries, unless they give you a token or take you as a companion. Queen questions them about dead faery. Clary touches drink and is bitten by sprite and and licks blood off finger. Queen tells Jace to ask his father what blood runs in his veins. Clary’s is the gift of words that cannot be spoken.”Your brother’s is the Angel’s own gift.” The queen has Jace and Clary kiss. Simon leaves.
9. And death shall have no dominion-p165-Clary goes to Jace’s room. Simon does not call. Clary looks at Jace’s star scar. Jace says they could keep their love secret, but Clary says no because of family and it would be sickening. Jace tells how he has given his ring to Magnus to try and track Valentine. Raphael saves Simon and brings him to the institute nearly dead.
10. A fine and private place 183 They take Simon to a cemetery. Clary sees no resemblance in Jace to Valentine. P185. Clary blames herself. Jace says they cannot change the truth by trying to say it differently. Magnus is there with Alec.
11. Smoke and steel P192 Clary tells her mother everything and Luke overhears. Luke explains that Simon would have felt compelled to return to the hotel- darklings half turned. Simon is at Luke’s. He no longer needs glasses. They discuss telling his mother. How his life has changed mainly because of the night thing. Maia is attacked by a demon outside Luke’s house.
12. The hostility of dreams p206 Simon feels he will shatter if his relationship with Clary breaks. He calls Jace as Clary is avoiding him. Maia reacts to Simon as a vampire. Magnus arrives. Demons attack Luke. The demons attack Clary but let her go. Magnus tries to charge them Alec denies he is dating Magnus. Simon interrupts Jace and Clary talking. Simon tells Clary he cannot trust her.
13. A host of rebel angels p228 Raphael brings Jace a demonic motorcycle. Jace rides to Valentine’s boat. He had tortured one of the demons for the location. One of the guards knocks Jace unconscious. Jace sees Clary – Agramon the demon of fear takes the form of whatever most terrifies you References to Milton, Paradise Lost p237. Jace asks Valentine what blood runs in his veins. Answer- blood of Angels. Jace asks valentine to justify summoning the demons. Says the Clave will only respond to force not reason. When he has won he will get the demons to destroy themselves. Jace holds the sword and sees the demons that are in waiting. He must choose Valentine or the Clave. Valentine promises to save those Jace cares about.

Days of Wrath

14. Fearless p249 Jace and Alec arrive with doughnuts at Luke’s.Clary thinks her mark scared off the demon. She says she can create runes. They ask her to draw a fearless rune. Jace marks Alec with the rune. Alec’s parents and the Inquisitor arrive and he nearly tells them he is dating Magnus, except Magnus knocks him out. They find out Jace went to see his father. They had tracked him. They tie him up and take him away to prison in Idris.
15. The serpent’s tooth. P270 Maia is faced by Agramon in the form of her brother. Imogen uses blades to create the Malachi configuration to imprison Jace. Finds out Imogen is not planning to send Jace to the Council, but trade him for the Mortal Instruments. Jace tries to convince her Valentine loves power more than his child. Alec had pretended to support the law to help Jace, making Is angry. Jace tells Alec to ask Luke about Imogen’s son, Stephen. Valentine breaks into Simon’s house. Alec gives Jace the unlocking rune. Alec suggests Jace try and escape upwards.
16. A Stone of the heart p294 They realise Valentine has M aia and Simon—all he needs to reverse the sword. Is tends Jace’s rune burns. Is calls Clary and Jace tells them to come to the Institute. Maia and Simon make up. Jace jumps off the Institute. A silvery haired women stops Malik. Valentine slashes Simpn’s throat.
17. East of Eden-p314 They go to the wharf. Jace sends a message. Names blades Abariel, Camael, and Telantes. Stephen was golden boy p320 Herondales ran the London Institute. Stephen became Valentine’s second in command after Luke was bitten. Valentine made Stephen divorce Amatis and marry Celine. Stephen was killed in a raid on a vampire nest. Celina killed herself 8 months pregnant. When the Inquisitor was killed, Imogen replaced her. Clary gives Jace the fearless rune. Magnus has runed the truck so it drives on water. Imogen offers Valentine the deal and he refuses, even though the Clave will insist on his death. Demons attack the truck. Magnus breaks the protection wards on the ship but is weakened. A demon takes Clary to the ship. The Inquisitor gives way to the Lightwoords to help Jace.
18. Darkness Visible P339 Maia tells Clary Simon is dead. Luke and Jace fight the demons. Clary makes up a rune and opens the cell and Jace’s manacles. Maia escapes but Valentine stops Clary. Jace and Luke are nearly defeated when Shadowhunters come to the rescue.Malik saves Jace. The Inquisitor tells Jace she cannot understand how Valentine would let his son die. She asks about Jace’s scar and realises he may not be who he thinks he is The Inquisitor dies saving Jace and whispers something 357.Alec gives Jace Samandriel. Is is injured. JAce goes after a demon, but it attacks Alec and flings him overboard. Jace crashes through the deck.
19. Dies Irae p363 Clary tells Valentine that Luke has done everything as a friend. Valentine wants to trade Clary for Maia – which Clave rule will require. Jace finds Clary’s stele. Magnus rescues Alec. Magnus is exhausted. Alec offers Magnus his strength. Valentine tells Jace that people are dying because of him. That Jace is just like him. P372. Told Clary the same thing 367. Told Clary Jace’s greatest fear was his love for his sister, but it was that he was like his father. Jace stabs Valentine, but it is Agramon. Jace saves Simon by giving him his blood. Simon attacks Jace. Clary cannot hold Maellartach. Valentine tells Clary that Jocelyn left him because he turned her brother into a monster. Val starts saying he is not talking about Jace, when he arrives with Simon. Jace tells Valentine he used his blood to save Simon. Clary says the sword is not fully turned. Valentine tells Jace to kill Simon.He tells his father he killed Agramon and it had valentine’s face. Jace throws Clary her stele. Clary writes the rune open, but its says mene men tekel upharsin. The boat explodes. Nixies save the Shadowhunters- The Queen of the Seelie court – lived up to her promise to give them “what aid was in her power.” Jace had thrown paper in the water. The sun comes up, Simon tells Clary he loves her, expecting to die, but he does not. Maryse apologizes to Jace- reminds him of the past.
20. Epilogue-p395 Simon calls off the boyfriend/girlfriend thing with Clary. Luke tells Clary he loves Jocelyn, but she doesn’t know it. Clary wants to tell Jace she was wrong, but he tells she was right, that they cannot love in a vacuum. Clary goes to the hospital and finds Madeleine Bellefleur- who saved them from Malik at the Institute. She tells Clary Jocelyn putthe spell on herself and that Madeleine know how to reverse it.

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