Managing Up or Out?

16 Sep

1. and
2. Library staffing and
3. Movie rating information
4. Esmart schools
5. What a car really costs
6. How much time on twitter
7. Science Teacher Mary Panik Reflects on Collaboration, Wikis, and Technology Integration
8. Mobiles in the classroom
9. School Libraries Commission report
10. Deep reading foldables, stripes
11. Education at a Glance 2010: OECD Indicators,3343,en_2649_39263238_45897844_1_1_1_37455,00.html
12. Leave Your Mark explores the inspirational stories of five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and their journeys to creative positive social change
13. Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum — from Common Sense Media
14. Teaching Secrets: Taking My Students on a Classroom Tour
16. Bridging the gap between PLM & LMS
17. Replaying text – PrimaryPad, Fuzzmail & a cuppa
18. Interactive synonym games for primary
19. Why We Get Lost in Books.
20. How to remove someone from Facebook
21. Hubba hubba
22. E-books
Flash Books– US luxury interactives with sound and action, expensive and broadband hungry, sound is US accented, also some on CDRom – a better system, can load them to your school server and archive the disc – expensive, but good at $40 a book
PDF Books– active internet links to Australian data and film clips, etc. Popular, come on the CDRom – and can be networked.
Flip Books – NEW Flip Book format we have developed ourselves for Primary aged kids, cost is the same as the paperback per book for 12 months access for all the school community – could be as low as $9.95 – total annual cost – so you can have only one book if you like. Book(s) sit on the virtual bookshelf and it is accessed from your web site by all the school and from home too. No borrowing – just need to know the user name and password. Schools to develop books to meet gaps in the curriculum, and the source school would get paid per subscription, charge a one-off fee of $50 to set up the virtual bookshelf for the Flip Books, and any subs now apply until 12/2011

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