Go with the flow

13 Sep

1. Flow, and why 1:1 computing matters in our schools today
2. Management V leadership
3. QLD – national testing
4. 10 Environmental Games That Teach Kids About Earth, Ecology & Conservation at this URL…
5. Pln better than pd
6. Five Ways to Engage Students and Other Audiences – Tips for Teachers and Presenters
7. Aquinas Reads book blog Blind date with a book Aquinas Library
8. Unit on Inanimate Alice
9. Bullying
10. 10 sites for creating digital magazines
11. Project-based learning
12. Matches readers to books through an analysis of writing styles, similar to the way that matches music lovers to new music.
13. Podcasting
14. “Make Linkable Screenshots With”
15. “Have Fun With “Dotty-Dots”
16. Google Wonder wheel went? It conflicts with Instant search @lthumann explains how to get it back
17. Ideas for Classroom Blogs
18. The Importance Of Student Journaling:
19. So You Want to Start a PLN

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