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11 Sep

1. Using google history Google web history
2. Visually compare google searches and
3. Improve image search with Similar images
4. Top ten ways to search better
5. Custom
6. Hooeey- save searches slideshare video alternatives and web.mynd
7. Firefox search history app Infoaxe, Firefox add ons webmynd
8. Google mobile
9. Compare Wikipedia to google with googlepedia- firefox addon
10. Animated web search tutorials
11. Addictomatic- visually compares search results from many search engines
12. Funny video on searching better using dinosaurs 6.54 mins
13. Google tools very comprehensive – slideshare by Polly Allida
14. Interactive Web search tutorials
15. Keyword suggestion tool for google compares google and yahoo search results
16. Video – 6.37 mins google tips and
17. Compare search tools
18. Hint – on the google search results page, on the left column, select More search tools. In “All results” it shows Visited pages and Not yet visited.
19. Learning activity
20. Google sets – get more keywords
21. Cute search tool – move terms
22. Google search stories
23. Numbers- google insights for research
24. Internet search challenge

25. Stop others from sending your emails “Reply to all”
26. LOTE
27. Facebook, teachers and parents

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