Captain Obvious Flies Again

09 Sep

1. “Captain Obvious Flies Again” great quote from oztlnet RE Facebook distracts students Quit Facebook Suing Facebook
2. Shoestring Library makeover Great school library links from Lorene
3. Cybersafety- Digital literacy tour
4. Cybersafety concerns -“About 30% of all teens” have sent or received sexually explicit texts
5. Piloting iPads in library settings
6. Publishrs, bloggrs, booksellrs,libs – plz join #followreader chat re: hot fall titles! Fri. 4-5pm ET:
7. A new micro site aimed at teens lets readers download short book chapters of 200 to 400 words-for free on mobile phones.
8. Using word clouds – wordle
9. Booktrust teenage prize shortlist 2010 announced.
10. Self-control and distraction- funny after slow start
11. Metafiction
12. MindShift Interesting new ICT blog
13. Time management – Efficiency tips and and and
14. Inkling Texts that are “dynamic, social, interactive and easy to carry around.”
15. Google Home Page Now Showing Search Results As You Type:
16. Book trailer awards – trailie
17. data visualization &”art of data”
18. Wikispaces’s poster embed feature (for Glogster & others)
19. Today is International Literacy Day! UNESCO’s focus this Yr: “The Power of Women’s Literacy”
20. Ereader overview – kindle, ipad

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