Copyleft, Copyright

08 Sep

1. Helpful school copyright resources
2. What’s a Digital Footprint and why would you want one?
3. Free printable bookmarks
4. The Importance of Student Journals and How to Respond Efficiently
5. Literature review- impact of ICT on schools
6. Choosing the best search for your information need
7. Convert html to pdf
8. “The Best TED Talks To Make Use Of Social Media”
9. Groovy NZ earthquake info in the pink facts
10. Delicious for scholarly articles – CiteULIke
11. Against AR
12. Good study habits
13. 2010 horizon report ICT
14. Bringing Books to Life -print with augmented reality
15. The Evolution of Research
16. Pass the [password] test :
17. The UK children’s literature journal Books for Keeps is now online and freely available
18. New Teachers Guide on use of Gapminder in lessons on health & wealth of nations in the last 200 years
19. Plot with Prezi
20. Converting a document to ePub (eBook) with Calibre

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