If education can shape the brain, should teachers be paid like brain surgeons?

07 Sep

1. Brain based education
2. and and Tweetmeme, topsy paper.Ii and flipboard Atop, flipboard and My
3. Vocabgrabber
4. Solve puzzles for Science
5. Web 2.0 tools
6. Good ict/school blog and and
7. How to blog
8. How to create non-readers
9. Free drag-n-drop video file converter for youtube and ipod touch
10. How to set up class iPads and iPods
11. 12 iPhone Apps For Exploring The Great Outdoors
12. A Book Chair: How’s this for new? It’s a chair, that’s actually a book. It’s called the Darwin Chair. You can flip…
13. 8 Reasons An Innovative Educator Uses Twitter
14. Numbers that matter[]%29
15. Information literacy / inquiry scaffold
16. Live online collaboration
17. LiveWeb – insert and update web pages real-time in PowerPoint
18. AirDropper lets people put files into your Dropbox … without signing up for Dropbox
19. Earthquakes NZ- animation mapping ā€“ nice Amazing quake library photos\ Amazing aerial footage of NZ after earthquake
20. Values, social justice, debating, issues Clip comparing money, values ā€“ developed v developing world

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