“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.”

28 Aug

1. Quote from Mother Teresa from Encountering Conflict livebinder from Jenny Gilbert – English teacher Using livebinders to keep organized
2. Read twitter as daily newspaper example for Vic pln and English chat
3. More information on the Sunshine Coast Grammar School job situation
4. Grab your students by their brains- engage students as school is starting:
5. Jenny Luca – Cybersafety Presentations including twitter, social networking, virtual learning and Web 2.0
6. Digital footprint – Responses to “Young will have to change names to escape cyber past.” at
7. Why Wikipedia shouldn’t be their only source:
8. This librarian makes it easy for her teachers to plan with her:
9. Resource library for parents and teachers
10. How not to use computers in schools 20 mins
11. Why Is It So Hard to Cite a Passage on the Kindle?:
12. Your Reality, Augmented GPS for libraries, RFID
13. Redesigning Learning Tasks: Part 3: My role at school is all about trying to…
14. “The ABCs of E-Reading”
15. Virtual classroom activities using OpenSim: The TechnoSpirit Project
16. 6 tips for teaching with Twitter: organization, access, frequency, substance, archiving & assessment.
17. Assessment and voicethread voicethread as digital portfolio
18. Cybersafety – Click technology guide for parents
19. Book lists teens
20. My place

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