The best of … lists

26 Aug

1. Time Magazine, 50 best …
2. Digital Portfolios:
3. Daily “literature”
4. A Planning Guide for Empowering Learners-AASL Online Learning Series
5. Educational videoclips
6. Dr. Loertscher’s document including backchannel with corresponding slides from our 8/9/10 Webinar on the Virtual Learning Commons and Knowledge Building Centers
7. 100 free textbooks
8. infographics – Facebook Privacy missteps:
9. New Kindle Leaves Rivals Farther Behind Close Look at Text in a Book vs Kindle vs iPad – Appears Sharper, Cleaner in Book
10. Library livebinder from Joquetta
11. The PLN Matures. The Progression of the 21st Century Personal Learning Network
12. The New Coffee Bars: Unplug, Drink, Go
13. Amazon Loses E-Book Deal
14. Great new middle grade novels.
15. Visuwords: an online graphical dictionary that shows connections between words and ideas.
16. Shyness new book
17. Ping is a social networking site that makes learning music fun, simple and accessible also
18. Hilarious- toondoo book inspired by The Terrible Plop
19. Chris Betcher – Integrating ICT into learning – reflections
20. Batteries Sanyo eneloop re-chargeable batteries that come pre-charged
and hold their charge for a lengthy time after being removed from the charger

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