Religion in Texts

26 Aug

A brief and incomplete selection”

Added Sep

Added August 28
Movies – 50 of them
Movies – A list of films for the religion studies classroom
Book – My name is Asher Lev
Book- People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
Book – Sarah by Orson Scott Card
Book – Incantation by Alice Hoffman
Book – Change of Heart by Piccoult
Book – Jacob Have I Loved” by Katherine Paterson
Book – 100 writers of faith
Book – The Treatment of Religion and the Independent Investigation of Spiritual Truth in Fiction for Adolescents

Added August 26
Art – Andy Warhol- Last Supper
Book – Crime and Punishment
Book – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens mentions the nativity
Book – A Separate Peace by Knowles
Book – Cry, the Beloved Country
Book – Exodus by Uris
Book – Harry Potter- more of a stretch
Book – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Book – Jekyll and Hyde by Edgar Allen Poe
Book – Lord of the Flies
Book – Of mice and men
Book – Paradise Lost by John Milton makes reference to the Old Testament and the fall of man
Book – The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Book – The Grapes of Wrath
Book – The Kite Runner
Book – The Messenger by Zuzak
Book – The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway
Book – The Poisonwood Bible
Book- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Book- Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
Book- Moby Dick
Book, Movie – Golden Compass
Book, Movie – The Day of the Locust
Book, Movie – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe- Narnia
Book, Movie – The Lord of the Rings
Book, Movie- Da Vinci Code
Movie – Blade Runner
Movie – Bruce Almighty
Movie – Constantine
Movie – Dark Knight
Movie – Edward Scissorhands
Movie – Evan Almightly
Movie – Frankenstein
Movie – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Movie – Spiderman – where the people hold him up in the train, and when he turns bad
Movie – I Am Legend
Movie – Jesus Christ Superstar
Movie – Prince of Egypt
Movie – The Black Robe
Movie – The Mission
Movie – Hancock
Movie – Conversations with God
Movie – It’s a Wonderful Life
Movie/Book – The Cross and the Switchblade
Movie – Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
Movie – Saved
Movie – Shrek
Movie – Se7en (Seven
Movie – Monty Pythons Life of Brian
Movie – Signs
Movie – Romero
Movie – Star Wars
Movie – The Matrix
Movie- The Passion of the Christ
Song – There will come a day by Faith Hill
Songs – Come Sail Awayby Dennis DeYoung
Songs – Hallejuha
Songs – Samson by Regina Spektor
Songs – Jesus is alright – Doobie Brotehrs
TV- Rugrats- the Passover episode
TV -The Simpsons- Adam and Eve episode
TV- The Simpsons: “Homer Vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment.
TV – Simpson Bible Stories (Moses) 10 Commandments Segment

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