Participatory culture

25 Aug

1. Participatory learning environment and
2. The plastic bag from /
3. IPad resources for educators/administrators – share your tips.
4. Skype Etiquette
5. Judy O’Connell lazyfeed- digital divide “There are some places that I would not take teachers. Virtual worlds are one of them.”
6. Virtual worlds reportedly grew by 39% in the second quarter of 2009 to an estimated 579 million. Open-source alternative for SLife, set up in Australia in 2007, “to create affordable ownership and community”. Virtual worlds: is this where real life is heading?
7. Buffy quotes for every occasion: librarianship
8. Ifla world report
9. Global poverty project
10. Savewater
11. Make a quiz
12. Vote – top teen books
13. Facebook and teachers: Still a potentially dangerous combination for your career
14. Books for reluctant readers
15. Libraries and self-published books
16. Plagiarism tutorial
17. Search by dewey
18. Vampire books
19. TL blogs
20. Best social studies infographics
21. Google Apps Live Binder

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