U.S. supports public release of teacher performance data

19 Aug

1. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says parents have a right to know how effective teachers are at raising student test scores. “What is there to hide?” and Duncan said public disclosure of the value-added results would allow school systems to identify teachers who are doing things right. The value-added method tracks a student’s performance on standardized tests year after year. Because the student’s performance is measured against his or her own record, the method adjusts for many of the differences among students that teachers have no control over.
2. Top 20 Web 2.0 tools

3. Free Library and class printables
4. Infographic – texts per day
5. How to Embed a Glog in a Wiki
6. Origami bat how-to
7. Twitter Search Engines
8. Readalikes for “Mockingjay”
9. Rethinking E-Learning
10. The Web is Dead”
11. All librarians need web 2.0 skills
12. children who use social networking sites are more confident writers
13. glogster to promote reading
14. rubric for assessing book trailers
15. cmis pathfinders
16. persuasive text types and
17. lote
18. library on twitter
19. Wikipedia evaluation
20. Library wiki and
21. Webcam fun – photo editing

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