Go Finland

16 Aug

1. Is it the climate or do they have some secret about learning?
2. Top 50 start-ups especially symbaloo & &
3. Twitter, a teaching and learning tool
4. 10 ways to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning…
5. Google-Proof Questioning: A New Use for Bloom’sTaxonomy
6. Useful Web 2.0 tools
7. Public domain and creative commons resources
8. 7 strategies that WILL engage your students
9. Search Facebook fast – Wowd
10. Election – Getup
11. Network Literacy 101 social networking
12. Twitter apps for searching old tweets:
13. Onenote karaoke
14. Storify, a new way to create and share stories using social media
15. Free guide to online pedagogy
16. Bloom’s taxonomies
17. Eportfolios
18. Wallwisher
19. Make your own cartoon
20. Multiplication games[Multiply+the+Fun+%E2%80%93+5]
21. Searching flickr
22. Storybird

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