Zak the Yak Gives Back

08 Aug

1. Zak the Yak- helping those in need in the developing world through books
2. Great Library resources and monthly reading calendars Lots here
3. Teacher planning tools especially Bloom
4. Image visual bookmarking
5. Login as moodle guest to See Romeo and Juliet unit
6. Online learning – Poetry – what is poetry Siegfried Sassoon – War Poetry
7. 2010 Social Networking Map –
8. Reading-Active-and-Engaging wiki
9. Kids books are for adults too. Mockinjay out in August
10. Great wiki for making movies, storyboarding
11. 10 ways to keep kids safe on social networks
12. Great site on internet stuff- interesting & fun using posterous
13. Free Chronicles of Narnia audio books
14. Online File Conversion
15. Online Whiteboard
16. Inspired Picture Writing
17. Media-Photo tampering
18. Writing prompts Every week = fresh new original art!
19. Leadership – social media – seeing the light
20. Greatness In Others = Greatness In Yourself

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