Wave goodbye

06 Aug

1. Google wave shut down
2. Dropbox
3. Comparing film trailers
4. Range of specialised search engines that perform different tasks
5. Tweentribune which is a FREE site for tweens to read and post comments about current events. Sign up, create an account and then set up a classroom for students to create accounts. Teacher gets comments first for editing for appropriateness, then submits for publication.
6. Families Aust’n 1980-2010
7. Jamie McKenzie
8. Build Literacy Skills with Wordle
9. Online literary criticism guide
10. Health info depression fact sheets other health fact sheets reachout
11. Sport science index
12. Hear authors pronouncing their own names author websites
13. Visionboarding to inspire writing
14. Twihards vote in the Library
15. Book stars
16. Create custom images examples here
17. Onenote for organizing 3.17 mins
screenclipping 6.08
Using audio 7.1
Onenote v Evernote
Using Onenote in the classroom
5.15 using Onenote 2010 audio
18. Planning for the Year in the Library
19. Education tools
20. Summarizing Text and Report Writing

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